Michaela Vardanis is an award winning leader in the world of sustainable landscape design.
Michaela is also a well known garden writer and teacher and has presented many lectures and courses on garden design, gardening and landscaping.


Inspired by the contemporary works of Frank Lloyd Wright and the classical garden architecture of Sir Edwin Lutyens, her style embraces both the traditional and contemporary, "Lush and inviting surroundings please all of our senses and are essential for our well being".

As a garden architect, Michaela's belief is that the architecture, although essential, is not always paramount. Once garden plants establish, the structure of the garden is not always visible.  "Its about the experience a garden offers you when you spend time in it.  The planting constantly evolves and changes with time".

Her garden designs are truly pleasurable, taking the indoors out, she enjoys creating lush gardens for leisure, with planting schemes  and ambient lighting that fulfil the senses. 

Michaela's expertise in garden building, her international knowledge of plants and design skills have extended into presenting her skills on TV and radio, public speaking and organising garden show events.

                                                                             "When you love what you do, perfection comes easy"

Outdoor living spaces are frequently comprised of well-kept front lawns and covered patios with views of a backyard.
The majority of the time, these front yards serve as an attractive setting that can enhance the home, although the rear patio may be used just sometimes.
The following sections will demonstrate how outdoor spaces may truly be used as vital design features, creating functional living and entertaining areas for people to enjoy themselves.

Garden surveys are an integral element of the garden design process. They are conducted by professionals.
You may be able to give us with one on occasion (maybe you've got some drawings made up by an architect as well).
On the vast majority of times, we request that one be performed by a professional surveyor.
Our policy is to do surveys on all sites, no matter how little; we have found that this saves money in the long run for our clients.

Garden Architect Michaela Vardanis 'Creating exceptional gardens for exceptional people'