If you have a greenhouse you should have tommie seeds already sprouting or you may have grown them most of the year. Mine were sown outdoors in pots from April 9th but that was after enduring a particularly cold winter (2010)….this winter having been a mild one means that we could possibly start out much earlier


‘The taste of Italy’
Thompson & Morgan – Tomato Cuore Di Bue  - 350 seeds    £1.89
Tomato II Pantano Romanesco – 300 seeds   £1.89
Tomato Roma -  450 seeds    £2.29
Pepper Marconi Rosso – Free offer
Chili Pepper – Jalapeno Summer Heat F1 Hybrid – 10 Seeds  1.99
Suttons -  Tomato Alicante ‘Award winning’- 60 seeds  £1.69
- Tomato F1 Sweet Million ‘Super – sweet’ cherry type  - 20 seeds  £2.55 (perhaps the name infers some good profit making)

Re potted into larger pots: 1st May

Planted into allotment – 21st May

Trial COMPOST:  1. Vital earth – multi purpose
2. Wool compost
3. Clover - peat
Thompson & Morgan –
Cucumber Tiffany F1 Hybrid – 4 seeds  £3.99
Sown Outdoors - May 2nd 2011
Mr Fothergills   -  Carrot Autumn King 2 – average 2000 seeds in pack
- Spring Onion  ‘Ishikura’ – average 50 seeds
Suttons – Sweetcorn Early extra sweet F1 Hybrid – 15 seeds £1.29
Aubergine F1 Pinstripe  Sown outdoors in pots early april - 10 seeds  -  £2.49

Thompson & Morgan

-Parsnip White Gem – average 500 seeds    £1.89
- Beetroot Boltardy – 400 seeds  £1.89
- Sweet corn outdoors 

HERBS: Sown outdoors in trays April 9th
Franchi -
Basil  - Ocimum basilico  wighed in grams approx 244 seeds  per pack  £???
Purple basil – Ocimum basilicum violetto
Dill  - Anethum graveolens
Duchy Originals –
Genovese Basil – average 300 seeds   -  £1.99
Chervil – 350 seeds  £1.99
Chives – 350  - £1.99

Thompson & Morgan

Lime Basil – citrus flavoured basil – 400 seeds  1.99
Thai Basil – (Siam Queen) – 100  £1.99
Rosemary   - 100 seeds  £1.99
Thyme – 500 seeds  £1.99
Suttons –
Parsley moss curled   -  ??? seeds   £1.69

Nickys nursery Ltd
Coriander lemon -  150 seeds

Franchi Sementi – Bis di Lattughe de taglio – sown in potato compost with horse manure dragged up from sides. Nice fat full packet of seeds 9look like grass seed, one white, one black)
Duchy Originals:
F1 Hybrid Broccoli (calabrese) – 30 seeds (didn’t seem worth the cost of the packaging – planted in potato compost bed  £3.69
Duchy originals – Palco F1 hybrid spinach  - 400 seeds £1.99
Ducy Originals – Raddichio Firestorm – 25 seeds (just enough to plant a small row in a small garden £2.99
Thompson Morgan – promo pack -  Rocket
Kohl Rabi – 135 seeds £2.29
Yellow cylindrical beetroot – 300 seeds £1.19
Radish French Breakfast 3 – 450 seeds  £1.35
Radish scarlet globe – 400 seeds £1.35
Fours sacks of potatoes now in storage
17th July 
Harvested radishes, more beetroot, courgettes, cucumbers, spring onions.
IN the old potato beds I have mixed in the  manre that was banking the sides as mulch and worked out the rows gouging out for seeds then placing the Lancashite gold into the goiuge and topping with more.
The rain pelted down shortly after – THANKYOU mother nature……good timing.

I linded the shed with the signage form a local garden centre (core board) to weather proof the inside.
Planted more seeds of Beetroot  Boltardy Thomson & Morgan plus their Carrot Amsterdam Forcing……
Mr Fothergills  Carrot Autumn King 2
Mr Fothergills Spring onion Ishikura

The fennel is beginning to flower

The Alicante are going mad and it is hard to keep up with the nipping and tying.
Coure de Bue have rooted their stalks into the ground and started scrambling….next year I have a different idea for the growing application on these.
Roma are overcrowded with leaves and I have had to prune off lots so the sun can get to them…again next year I am going to try something different with these.

I have harvested both radishes….french breakfast and scarlet globe, frankly they both taste the same – just look different.  The French breakfast are quicker to grow and pop out of the ground as if to say…here I am ready to pick which makes for an easy decision.
Scarlet globe take longer….. in my view, go the French breakfast they are the traditional long radish as we know them.